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UPDATED - 5th January 2021


Following the announcement of a new national lockdown by the government yesterday (4th January) all drving lessons and tests are cancelled and cannot proceed until the measures are lifted.  Currently this could be March 2021 but this is uncertain at this time.


Once again I am really sorry for all of you who are waiting to take your driving tests desperate to get on the roads and gain your freedom and away from public transport.  


Rest assured all pupils who have paid for lessons up front will get your outstanding lessons once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.  I am in a better position than most driving schools as I own my own vehicle and not leasing it and have very little in the way of business expenses other than day to day living expenses.


Here is the latest update from DVSA - Driving and riding lessons and tests – National lockdown (govdelivery.com)


UPDATED - 31st December 2020


Dear Pupils, after the recent review by the government more areas of the UK have now been placed under Tier 4 restrictions. Therefore a further update has been issued by DVSA.


It is with regret that I have to confirm that driving lessons will NOT be able to resume on 4th January 2021 as I had intended after my xmas break.  Tier 4 restrictions remain in place in Kent until the next formal review which at the moment is due to take place every two weeks.  This means the next review should be on Wednesday 13th January 2021.


Driving Tests


If you are one of a handful of pupils who have driving tests booked to take place between 4th January and the 13th January, they will now be CANCELLED and rearranged.  Please ensure you check your emails daily for updates from DVSA.

Please remember that rearranged tests MUST NOT be rescheduled for a Tuesday as I am closed and wont be able to assist. As soon as you receive notice of your updated test date please send me a text or email straight away so I can confirm my availability. 


Due to the extraordinary circumstances I will try to assist where tests are rescheduled to take place outside of my morning start time.  In normal circumstances driving tests should be booked for after 11am, but if yours is rescheduled for 10am or earlier, I will speak to the individuals personally to discuss the matter.


Private Driving Practise


If you are fortunate enough to have your own vehicle or access to another vehicle such as parents or partners, you can get private practise in that as long as the primary purpose of your journey is essential.  For instance to travel to work or to go food shopping.




As we stand right now I and other driving instructors and driving schools are unable to return to work on the 4th January (please note if you see other driving schools providing driving lessons, they are doing so illegally!  Although be aware that some driving instructors use their school cars for personal use as well and so may not be giving lessons - which is why I use a roof box on my car so people can see when I am working and when I am not)


Should Kent return to Tier 3 or lower after Wednesday 13th January I will be able to return to work at that point and will be in contact then.  


To help me plan if any pupils who were taking lessons with me in October 2020 or before have now decided NOT to resume lessons when I am able to work again (for whatever reason) please let me know so I can manage my diary and know what spaces I have available - if I don’t hear from you I will assume you do wish to begin or resume lessons when we move back into Tier 3 or lower.


DVSA Update link - Changes to tiers in England (govdelivery.com)



UPDATED 27th December 2020


DVSA have put out a new update based on the new Tier 4 restrictions.  Currently the new Tier 4 restrictions will be in place from 20th December 2020 at least until 30th December when the government meets to reassess the restrictions.


Regrettably as you will see by clicking the link below to the recent update, driving lessons and driving tests are not allowed to go ahead in Tier 4 areas (which at this point is most of the country) If the restrictions are lifted on 30th December then tests booked for early January when I return to work should go ahead as planned.  If the restrictions are not lifted, then regrettably those of you with driving tests in the first couple of weeks of January (at least) will be cancelled and rearranged.  So if you have a test in early January please CHECK your emails REGULARLY!


On a personal note as an instructor I find this incessant cancelling and rearranging of driving lessons and tests completely unacceptable.  Pupils work hard and spend hard earned money to reach test standard and gain freedom to travel in your own vehicles and every time they cancel tests it takes more lessons to get back to standard, so I feel bad that you are all being messed around like this.


Regrettably though driving instructors are governed by the DVSA which is a government agency. If I or any other instructor provides lessons when told not to by DVSA then my licence can be removed and I would be out of a career.  Rest assured I will keep pupils up to date with latest developments and get back to providing lessons as soon as possible.  Lets all hope the restrictions are lifted on 30th December.  I am not due to return to work until Monday 4th January, so may be we will be lucky.


Here is the link to the latest update :-  https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/UKDVSA/bulletins/2b22160




UPDATED 29th November


I hope everyone is safe and well. At the moment I have not heard anything official from DVSA – we normally receive an email news bulletin – but so far nothing has come through. However other sources such as The Mirror :-




are reporting that driving lessons and tests can go ahead in Tier 3 areas, which Maidstone is designated as. So based on this information (and subject to no official changes) I will be returning to work to provide driving lessons on Wednesday 2nd December.


I realise that some pupils are keen to get back to lessons but others may be looking ahead at Christmas on the horizon and may be thinking it is not worth resuming lessons until the New Year. This makes sense as I will be closing for my annual Christmas holiday from 19th December and returning to work on January 4th. Therefore starting Monday 30th November I am going to contact all pupils individually and see if you would like to resume your lessons immediately or would prefer to wait until January when we can hopefully get back to some kind of normality. This will help me plan my diary and know where I stand between now and Christmas.


Any pupil that decides they do not wish to resume until January I will keep their regular weekly lesson spot reserved for them until January, regrettably however should pupils not wish to resume in January (assuming there are no further restrictions placed on us) I will have to remove them from my client list as per my terms and conditions.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch.



UPDATED 6th November


Dear Pupils the DVSA have now issued further guidance regarding key worker lessons and driving tests.  Regrettably it has been decided that no lessons or tests will be going ahead during the November lock down including for key workers. 


I did contact a number of pupils individually who are key workers with the possibility of providing lessons for key workers only during the latest lock down in England, regrettably however this update means that I am unable to provide any lessons at all until December the 2nd. 


For those of you with your own vehicles and/or who can get private practise in family vehicles, you are still able to get driving practice as long as you and the supervising driver are from the same household and it is travel for work, education or for other legally permitted exemptions.


The news update can be seen below by clicking the link.








1st November 2020

Dear Pupils
As you are no doubt aware a new national lock down was mandated by the government on 31st October which covers the period between 5th November till 2nd December.  As with the previous lock down this means that Lee’s Driver Training will be closed during this period by government mandate - as driving lessons are deemed not essential.  I will not be able to conduct any lessons or driving tests - unless you are a key worker.


If you have any lessons already prepaid you do not need to be concerned.  You will receive your lessons as normal once the lock down ends and driving schools reopen.


Driving Tests


If you have a driving test due to take place during the lock down period it will be cancelled by the DVSA unless you are deemed a “key worker”  (so check your emails regularly) in which case your test may go ahead.


If you have a driving test due to take place in December (but after the lock down ends) or in January 2021, there is a strong likelihood that this will also be cancelled by DVSA to be rescheduled (so check your emails regularly.)


Even if your test is not cancelled, it may now have to be rescheduled as we will be missing at least a months worth of lessons which will affect your test readiness.  As a reminder, in accordance with my terms and conditions I wont take any pupil to a driving test until they have completed the training in full and have successfully passed a mock driving test with a reasonable score - the lock down doesn’t change this contractual agreement as you must still be at test pass standard before taking a driving test.  If you intend to take your test in your own vehicle this requirement will not apply and you will still have to make your own arrangements as normal.


I will be contacting any pupils who have a test booked either during the lock down period or scheduled to take place just after the lock down personally to discuss the matter individually.


My phone lines will remain open during this lock down period (during my normal phone line opening hours - 09:30 till 18:30 Monday to Friday and 10:00 till 16:00 Saturdays) should you wish to contact me and discuss any aspect of your driving lessons or test.  However, as I wont be working during this period please be patient as I may not have my phone with me.  You can of course still text as normal.


I will update this page if there are any new developments. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.


Lee's Driver Training