Booking Your Driving Test





Driving Tests are only offered to pupils who have previously trained with me.  'Previously Trained' means a minimum of 10 hours of weekly tuition prior to the test date.  

Like all driving schools, Lee's Driver Training is under no obligation to assist with your driving test or to allow you to use my vehicle which is private property.  The use of my vehicle for driving tests is subject to the following terms and restrictions and my discretion.


  1. You must provide at least seven (7) days notice prior to the test date.
  2. You must have completed all the training (as shown in your pupil booklet) and/or successfully complete a mock driving test with a satisfactory score (no serious or dangerous faults and no more than 10 minor driving faults)
  3. Your test should not be booked before 11:00am (to allow an hour before the test)  Tests booked earlier than this will be declined!
  4. Tests booked on a Tuesday will incur an additional £25 fee for overtime due to this being my regular day off.  To avoid this charge please don't book tests on a Tuesday.
  5. Your test must be booked at Maidstone or Gillingham test centres only.  LDT does not assist with tests booked at other test centres.
  6. It is the policy of LDT to accompany all pupils on the driving test - by sitting in the rear of the vehicle during the test as an observer and witness. By hiring my vehicle to take the driving test with LDT, you agree to this condition and agree to waive your right to take the test in my vehicle unaccompanied by me as your instructor.


If you accept the above conditions then you can contact me about your test.  If you do not accept the above terms and restrictions I will be unable to assist you with your test and your booking will be declined.

Currently Booked Tests - Please Avoid These Dates

  • 30th June

  • 20th July

  • 14th November

PLEASE NOTE - Please DO NOT book your driving tests between the dates shown below as I will be closed for annual holiday and will not be available for driving tests or driving lessons - thanks.

  • 16th till 31st October 2023 - return to work Wednesday 1st Nov 2023

  • 12th November 2023

  • 18th December 2023 till 3rd January 2024 - return to work Wednesday 3rd Jan 2023