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So You Think Your Ready For Your Driving Test?










Many people think they are ready for their driving test after a few lessons. They assume they are a good driver because they can drive to and from the super market on a Sunday afternoon in their parents or partners car, or because they can drive the car down the road and back, that means they are ready for their driving test?


Unfortunately the vast majority of people do not understand what the modern driving test entails and requires of them. To pass the driving test a candidate must have reached what is called “Test Pass Standard” Only 45% of candidates pass the driving test on the first go in the UK and the main reason for this is not that they are marked harshly on the test but because the candidate was not at test pass standard and wasn’t aware how strict the driving test actually is.


So it is important that you only book your driving test once you have reached test pass standard. At Lee’s Driver Training – like other driving schools - I will only allow a pupil to use my vehicle for a driving test once they are at test pass standard and can demonstrate that on a mock driving test.  This is in the best interest of the pupil and for public safety.


DVSA have produced a website and campaign to try and educate people as to what test pass standard actually is and to help them avoid wasting time and money on a test they may not yet be ready for. So to check you are actually Ready To Pass and ready for your driving test click the image below for DVSA’s check list.




If you still think you are ready or I have told you that you are ready and would like to book a test with me, please click the button below.