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If you are looking to hire my vehicle for use with your driving test, please read the terms and conditions and test booking restrictions below, under which I offer driving test appointments to current or new pupils.  

Also please check below for currently booked tests.  To avoid disappointment, please avoid booking your driving test on the same day as any of these currently booked appointments.  You will find the link to the government website to actually book your test at the bottom of this page.


Whether you are an existing pupil currently learning to drive with me, or you have trained with another driving school and just wish to hire my vehicle for use with your test, you must agree to the following Driving Test Car Hire Terms. If you accept the terms you can give me a call and we can discuss your test. Regrettably if you don't accept the following conditions I will be unable to help with your driving test.


  1. Like all driving schools, Lee’s Driver Training is under no obligation to assist with driving tests regardless of whether you have personally trained with me or not.  Therefore to allow for adequate assessment and any additional lessons that may be needed to prepare you for the test, You MUST provide at least thirty (30) days notice of your test appointment if you have not personally trained with me and seven (7) days notice if you are a current pupil who is currently taking lessons with me.  Lee's Driver Training WILL NOT be able to help with any short notice tests.
  2. I also require new pupils who have not previously trained with me to complete a 90 minute driving assessment  before agreeing to allow you to use my vehicle for the test.  This assessment should take place as soon as possible - but at least 14 days BEFORE the test is due to be conducted.  If I have insufficient diary space to accommodate this requirement, regrettably I will be unable to assist with your test*
  3. If you are a current pupil I will require you to have completed the training in full and to complete a mock test assessment with a satisfactory score. 
  4. Your test should not be booked before 11:00am.  Lee's Driver Training does not attend driving test appointments before this time.
  5. Your test should not be booked on a Tuesday.  Lee's Driver Training is CLOSED all day on a Tuesday, and so is not available for lessons or tests.
  6. Your test should be booked to take place at Maidstone or Gillingham test centres only.  Lee's Driver Training does not attend tests at other test centres.
  7. Your test appointment should not clash with any of the previously booked test appointment dates shown below.  Lee's Driver Training only has one vehicle and so cannot attend more than one test at a time.
  8. It is the policy of Lee’s Driver Training to accompany all pupils on the driving test - by sitting in the rear of the vehicle during the test as an observer and witness.  By hiring my vehicle to take the driving test with Lee’s Driver Training, you agree to this condition and agree to waive your right to take the test in my vehicle unaccompanied by your instructor.




*The 90 minute assessment lesson will be used to assess your current driving ability in a variety of road conditions, including carrying out the reversing manoeuvres.  If Lee's Driver Training does not believe you are at the correct 'Test Pass Standard' after this assessment, I reserve the right to refuse the use of my vehicle for the test. Just booking the assessment lesson DOES NOT guarantee that you can use my vehicle for the test.  Driving tests and assessment lessons/mock tests are subject to my diary availability.  If I currently have insufficient diary space available I will regrettably not be able to assist.






25th September

7th October

14th December



IMPORTANT NOTE - I will be closed for my autumn holiday and therefore not available for lessons or driving tests between the following dates:- 19th to the 28th October.  I will return to work and be accepting tests again on the 29th October. Therefore please do not book a driving test between these dates as I will be unable to help.


I will also be closed the following: -

12th November

14th November

19th December through to 3rd January 2021