Lee's Driver Training

Driving Test Notes - For the use of Lee's Driver Training only


●    Talk yourself round the road. Give a commentary to yourself as you drive.
●    Don't concentrate on the examiner or what they are doing, focus on the road and your driving.
●    Don't give up.  If you think you have made an awful mistake, just carry on.
●    Don't relax until you are back in the driving test centre and the examiner has told you the test has ended and switch off the engine.
●    If the examiner doesn't tell you where to go, and you ask which way, and they say “do what you think is best”, LOOK very carefully, as there will be a sign telling you which way to go.
●    Remember, when you see a octagonal red STOP sign, and a solid white stop line across the road, come to a complete stop at the line, and apply the hand brake, to prove you have stopped and seen the sign, even if the road is clear!
●    During the independent drive, you will be following a SatNav or following road signs. Don't be afraid to ask if you have forgotten the directions.  If you find you are in the wrong lane or going the wrong way, don't panic, it is more important to drive correctly and safely, than to follow the examiners chosen route.  You WILL NOT fail for going the wrong way, or taking the wrong turn (unless it is a one way street or no entry.)
●    Remember to keep left when there is more than one lane going in the same direction, unless there is a good reason not to, such as you have been asked to take a different lane, by signs, markings or the examiner, or if you are intending to turn right.
●    Remember when you are on a one-way street, and you reach a T-junction, if you are turning right at the T-junction you should take up the right hand lane before turning, unless signs or markings tell you otherwise.
●    Don't drive too slowly, try to make progress when it is safe and reasonable to do so.
●    As you drive round the test centre car park,  follow a clockwise direction, the centre is one-way.
●    As you enter and leave the driving test centre keep well to the left.  There is no white line, but it is still two ways.  Use 1st gear when you re-enter as it is very narrow.