Book Online 24/7

New or existing pupils -  book, amend, or cancel your lesson appointments conveniently live and online 24/7.

How To Use The Booking System

1.    Select the type of lesson you wish to book.

2.    Using the mini-calendar choose a date and time for your lesson from those slots that are available. (The diary only shows the next four weeks ahead - you cannot book further ahead than this)   If the following error message is displayed “There are no resources available for this period of time and these options “ This means I am currently fully booked and will be unable to help at this time.  Please check back in a few weeks time.
3.    If you are a new customer enter your details.  If an existing customer click on “Sign In.”
4.    Lessons are normally paid for on the day at the beginning of your appointment.  Alternatively if you wish to pay up front you can pay by card online by first calling 01622 36 00 37 during the opening hours displayed below and I will send a payment link via email or text to pay by card online. (I accept debit/credit card, Apple and Google Pay and Bitcoin payments in car using my in car payment terminal - Bank transfer is available on request - please note I no longer accept cashDuring busy periods you will be required to pay a £10 booking deposit to confirm your booking.
5.    To view or manage your bookings, click on “Sign In” or I have forgotten my password to log in to your customer area.

This system is a “live” copy of my diary, so if there are no slots showing as available at the time and date you prefer, regrettably I will be unable to help at this time.  Please note that all bookings made on this page are requests for an appointment only, and Lee’s Driver Training reserves the right to decline booking requests at its sole discretion based on diary efficiency and business operational reasons.  Bookings can be considered accepted once you receive an automated text message or email confirmation and once the £10 Booking Deposit has been received.


Please note if you are using script blocking/adblocking addons or software, or are connected to the internet via a VPN the booking script may not load.  Please disable any script blocking software or VPN connections before attempting to book online.