Lee's Driver Training

Payment Options

Lee's Driver Training accepts the following payment methods for driving lessons.  


  • Apple and Google Pay - Card payment terminal in car
  • Credit and Debit card - Card payment terminal in car
  • Payment Link - Email or Text Message containing a link to pay by card online (Please contact me at least 30 minutes BEFORE your lesson to allow time for me to send you the link - Must be paid at least 30 minutes BEFORE lesson begins - This is an ideal payment method if family or friends wish to pay for your lesson(s)
  • Bitcoin/Dash Cryptocurrency - In person Bitcoin/Dash app on smart phone


Please note - Lessons MUST be paid for at the beginning of the lesson.


Regrettably cash and cheques are no longer accepted - if you bring cash or a cheque to a lesson with no other payment method these will be declined and the lesson cancelled.  For reference I provide a link to the Bank of England on English Legal Tender Law due to commonly misunderstood rules about accepting cash

English Legal Tender Law


Booking Deposit Terms and Refunds