Pay As You Go & Pay In Advance

Pay As You Go - Standard Lessons​​​​​​

  • £33.50 - 60 Minute 

  • £47.50 - 90 Minute 

  • £67.00 - 2 Hour Motorway Lesson

Pay In Advance - Standard Lessons​​​​​​

  • £160 - 5 Hours block payment in advance - (Subject to expiry date but must be used within 60 days of purchase)

  • £310 - 10 Hours block payment in advance - (Subject to expiry date but must be used within 100 days of purchase)




Discount Lessons

Pay As You Go Only

  • £30.50 - 50 Minute Lessons
  • £39.50 - 75 Minute Lessons (Hour and 15 minutes)


*Please note - To qualify for any special pay in advance block payment driving tuition prices, these lessons must be paid in one lump sump payment in advance. These offers are not intensive or semi-intensive crash courses, but will be conducted as weekly lessons only.  Savings compared to equal amount of lessons paid at the standard 60 minute price.  Pay In Advance lessons cannot be use for Driving Test Appointments or Motorway Lessons as these services are at different price points. Pay In Advance lessons are subject to expiry dates, and must be used up before the expiry date from the date of purchase to avoid unused lessons becoming void.  Discount lessons are offered to make your learning more affordable - but be aware these are for a shorter duration than standard lessons.  Discount lessons are PAYG only and not available to buy as a block.  No refunds are given if you choose not to complete any Pay In Advance lessons - you are committing to a set number of lessons. See terms and conditions for full details. Manual lessons only.  During busy times a £10 deposit booking payment will be required to secure your first appointment.  This will be deductible from the price of the first lesson.  Pricing is subject to change. Prices shown are set and non-negotiable. For further details please see Payment Options & Booking Deposit Terms

Driving Tests

  • £80 - Standard Weekday learner driving test car hire

  • £90 -  Standard Saturday learner driving test car hire


  • £85 - Extended Weekday driving test car hire

  • £90 - Extended Saturday driving test car hire


The prices above include a 2 hour booking - the hour before your test for test preparation and advice, and an hour for the test itself and drop off.

Driving test car hire is subject to diary availability and terms and conditions - click here for more information before calling.