Lee's Driver Training



Temporarily Reduced Pricing

Due to the Coronavirus and the lockdowns, Lee's Driver Training has introduced a temporary reduced pricing structure to help pupils who may be struggling financially.  Before booking please read this pricing policy carefully to ensure you understand what Lee's Driver Training is currently offering.  These prices are temporary and will return to my normal (pre-lockdown levels) on 1st September 2020


  • £20 - 60 minute lesson paid by cash
  • £22 - 60 minute lesson paid by card 
  • £30 - 90 minute lesson paid by cash
  • £32 - 90 minute lesson paid by card
  • £70 - Practical driving test appointment (cash or card)


  1. These prices are temporary until 1st September 2020 only!
  2. Lee's Driver Training is NOT accepting any block bookings or advanced payments during this reduced lesson pricing period.  Lessons must be paid for on a per lesson basis only.
  3. These specially reduced lesson prices are restricted to one lesson per pupil, per week.  This means if you want to have more than one lesson per week, the first of your lessons will be at these reduced pricing levels, but any further lessons that same week will be charged any my normal lesson prices of £25 per hour week days before 4pm, and £26 per hour evenings and weekends.
  4. As these prices are already significantly reduced Lee's Driver Training will not be offering any other special introductory offers or discounts - so please do not ask for one!
  5. Should you continue to take driving lessons on or after 1st September 2020, my prices will return to normal (pre-lockdown) levels and further lessons will be payable at that rate, but also my normal "Pay in Advance" offers and discounts will then be available again.

*These driving tuition offers are subject to terms and conditions and exclusions apply and are designed to be completed as weekly lessons only, not an intensive crash course. All offers are subject to availability. These special introductory offer prices apply regardless of what time of day the lessons are taken.