Winter Weather Policy

Driving Lessons During Winter Weather

Please read below for my winter weather policy when it comes to driving lessons during bad weather.


It is a given that many of you will want to have some driving experience on the snow, however as an instructor I have to consider many factors when deciding upon whether to provide snow lessons - the ultimate factor is pupil and public safety and the safety of my vehicle. I will consider the following conditions :-


  • How bad is the snow? - I.e. how much snow has fallen and what kind of snow it is, lose snow or compacted icy snow.
  • How confident and experienced is the pupil? - I.e are they still in the early beginner stages of their learning, or intermediate level or at test pass standard ready for a test.
  • What time of day the lesson is?  Generally if snow is forecast or is quite bad I wont normally offer evening lessons after 4pm, this is to avoid getting caught in heavier than normal rush hour traffic in bad weather.  Also to avoid getting stuck in snow late in the evening potentially leaving the pupil and myself stranded where it would cause more problems than if it happened during the day time.
  • Where does the pupil live? - I.e in the middle of the countryside, up a hill, in the middle of a busy town centre etc.
  • How bad is the traffic in and around the area where the pupil lives?  I.e. is it possible for me to get to the pupil and then back home again without lengthy delays.
  • Risk avoidance and prudence.


This means that I may choose to offer a pupil a winter lesson should you have a lesson already booked when snow falls depending upon the above factors.  But it also means that I may cancel your lesson, or in fact all lessons during bad weather.   Therefore when snow falls, or if snow is forecast please keep an eye on your mobile phones as I will send a general text message if lessons have to be cancelled. 


Remember that during bad weather - in accordance with my terms and conditions - lessons can be cancelled right up until the time the lesson is due to begin if inappropriate to go ahead.  There would be no charges for this but no good will discounts either.  Also remember that LDT is not a taxi service and you should NOT rely upon your lesson as a means of transport to get home or be dropped off at another location as the lesson may be cancelled at short notice.  Lee's Driver Training will not be liable to pupils if lessons have to be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather.


If I offer you a snow driving lesson you can still decide to decline it if you are feeling nervous or would simply prefer not to go out on the snow - your decision will be respected.



Note - The decision to offer snow lessons is down to me as the instructor and mine alone and not subject to the opinion of pupils, their parents or anyone else.  I am aware that other driving schools may choose to offer snow lessons when I have decided against it, or I may offer them when other schools have chosen not to - other driving schools and instructors will make their own decisions and my decisions will not be subject to or bound by what other drivings schools are doing.